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Empathetic, flexible and understanding whilst providing clinical assurance and high-quality governance.
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We reduce your waiting lists

By using your spare capacity, we’re able to see a high volume of patients in a short space of time.

Using an insourcing model

By contracting 18 Week Support to work in your NHS Trust, we can help treat more patients, reduce waiting times and improve clinical services.

Which is cost effective

We have developed a pricing model that will not only allow your Trust to commission services cost effectively but also make a small surplus.

COVID-19: Risk Management - Keeping our patients & staff safe

At 18 Week Support, we continue to work with trusts and NHS England to help minimise the adverse consequences of COVID-19 on clinical capacity decisions for patients on urgent non-COVID-19 pathways.

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18WS Quality Metrics Reports

18WS prides itself on providing the highest quality of care to its patients. We employ staff who are at the top of their game in their specialties and go the extra mile for their patients.

The following information offers a snapshot of our quality metrics and demonstrates our strong commitment to continuous improvement.

April 2021 – Read the full document here

Q2 (April – June 2021) – Read the full document here

Q2 (April – June 2022) – Read the full document here



Access our service through the NHS Shared business framework

The NHS Shared Business Services framework aims to support the increasingly popular use of insourcing across the NHS to secure extra clinical capacity to meet increasing demand. This solution allows Trusts to retain capacity planning in-house and ensure patients can be seen within the trust. Benefits include increased visibility of the patient pathway and greater resilience of local services.


No need for formal tendering, the groundwork has been done


You can directly
award to 18 Week


All services are
carried out on your NHS Trust premises


Now approved for frameworks in England, Wales and Scotland

18 Week Support are proud members of the NHS Partners Network

Working together with NHS Partners Network means that we can focus on delivering first class, safe and patient-centric care. The partnership also allows us to share our learnings for the wider good across the board. Read more


Dr Conal Perrett discusses his vision for 18 Week Support and the excellent team of clinicians and staff who constantly…
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"What was a difficult time for my wife and I was made 100% easier. My thanks to the whole team, you did an amazing job and should be very proud."
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Find out how we can help you reduce your NHS RTT waiting times and achieve your 18 week patient pathway targets. Call us on this number.

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Working with us

Working for 18 Week Support gives you an opportunity to work as part of a dynamic expert-led team with the time and resources to deliver high-quality end-to-end care to NHS patients.

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    Retinal Detachment

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