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Below is a list of the partners we work with who help us deliver the excellent service we are so proud of.

Productive Partners

Productive Partners are one of our key partners who enables us to deliver optimal capacity by working with trusts to optimise bookings, cancellations and use of estate. Productive Partners can also complete Demand and Capacity modelling to support trusts to forecast their performance as well as run scenarios to establish the best use of available estate.

Productive Partners are a team of senior clinical efficiency specialists, working with hospitals and systems to optimise clinical capacity and transform patient pathways. They work with Trusts existing project management structure to implement rapid efficiencies, long-term sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


Vanguard Healthcare Solutions

Vanguard Healthcare operates the world’s largest fleet of mobile clinical units, supplying the NHS and other healthcare providers across Europe with additional clinical capacity on-demand. Vanguard can also offer a range of equipment and staffing options to support our state-of-the-art facilities.

18 Week Support and Vanguard have embarked on a partnership providing both extra facilities and clinical management for Trusts and Health boards across the UK. The Referral to Treatment Time Solution enables hospitals to easily and cost-effectively increase their elective procedure capacity, without adversely impacting existing staff or facilities. This unique collaboration is an end-to-end service providing hospitals with relief from capacity pressures, consequently reducing delays for patients and improving outcomes.

Source Group

Source Group provides specialist recruitment, waiting list management and software services that are flexible and sustainable.