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18 Week Support was set up in 2014 by Dr Conal Perrett, an experienced Consultant with over 20 years’ NHS experience, and Alexander Chilvers. The aim was simple: to support NHS Trusts manage RTT pathways and to achieve their 18 week waiting time targets, to the benefit of patients and their families, and to do so by providing a team of highly qualified clinicians to work in conjunction with the Trust’s own staff.

Our commitment to improving the NHS experience

Like the NHS Trusts we work with, patient care is at the centre of everything we do. By using any spare weekend and weekday capacity within a Trust, the 18 Week Support insourcing teams are able to see a high volume of patients in a short space of time, in the familiar surrounding of the NHS Trust.

Raising the standard of care

Our clinical teams are committed to working weekends and weekdays to provide a wide range of clinical services. Our clinical leads are experts in their field. So not only do patients benefit from the work our teams do, there is also an opportunity for NHS Trust teams to improve efficiencies through new techniques or approaches.

An ethical company

We’re an ethical and transparent company that’s is financially accountable and financially responsible. We’re committed to the NHS and the delivery of high-quality care, and to helping Trusts reduce RTT waiting times.

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Working with us

Working for 18 Week Support gives you an opportunity to work as part of a dynamic expert-led team with the time and resources to deliver high-quality end-to-end care to NHS patients.