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NHS Insourcing

Why insource with 18 Week Support?


Over the years 18 Week Support have developed strong working relationships with over 80 NHS Trusts and Health Boards in the United Kingdom. With our bespoke Insourcing service, we continue to successfully deliver high patient satisfaction and improved waiting times with a 7-day service, 365 days a year.

What is insourcing and how does it work?

Insourcing provides your trust with expert clinical teams to work in your department when you have spare capacity, typically weekends, whilst working closely with your in-house teams.

We see new patients, including virtual clinics, follow up patients and importantly perform a comprehensive range of day case and some inpatient procedures, including endoscopy. This allows you to significantly increase your number of patients seen, reducing waiting lists and meeting RTT expectations. All whilst keeping patient treatment within your trust.

The benefits of insourcing for your Trust

Waiting times: By utilising your spare capacity, we’re able to see a high volume of patients in a short space of time.

Cost-effective: Our fees are a proportion of the revenue your hospital receives from the CCG for the clinical services provided. If any funds remain, you receive a profit for your Trust.

Safety: You retain control over service delivery and can monitor the safety and success of our services.

High standards: All 18 Week Support personnel are leading NHS consultants, nurses and managers that are used to working in busy NHS Trust environments.

Tailored services: Our flexible, integrated insourcing service is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of your department and Trust.

Shared learning: By bringing in our external clinical and management expertise to work alongside your teams, ideas are exchanged and knowledge around a specialist area is shared.

Enhanced reputation: By reaching your RTT targets and clearing any waiting list backlog, staff and patient satisfaction rises.

A positive outcome for your patients

Long waiting times for appointments and treatments can have a significant impact on patients and their families. By insourcing, waiting times are reduced and patient satisfaction rises.

Because patient records do not need to be transferred and patients are seen in a familiar setting, they are more likely to keep their appointment and comply with treatment.

Take 6 steps with us

  • 1.
    What’s causing your waiting list? Staff shortages? A peak in demand for services? An IT or data quality issue? Once we understand your waiting list issues and the pressure your department is under, we can help you reduce your RTT waiting times with a tailor-made insourcing service that addresses your waiting list backlog.
  • 2.
    All of our clinical leads are leaders in their field and have extensive experience handling large NHS departments. Taking on board your information, they will draft a plan to help you reduce waiting times. This plan of action only takes up to 10 days prepare.
  • 3.
    Talking and walking
    The key to a successful insourcing service is a positive collaboration between your team and ours. The next step is to meet with you to talk about your challenges and take a walk around your department to meet your teams. Our aim is work as an integral part of your department.
  • 4.
    Fine tuning
    No matter how good the plan is, it will only be a success if all of your departmental team are on board. Tell us what you need, which patients you want us to see and which will remain on your own lists. Once we have your feedback, we will finalise the detailed implementation plan.
  • 5.
    Once we’re contracted to work within your Trust, our team will work to your standards, procedures and patient medical records. Your patients are seen by our clinical team, treated, then booked for a follow-up appointment or discharged. We achieve high discharge rates, and patients leave the service with a high level of satisfaction.
  • 6.
    We arrange management meetings, feedback sessions and detailed reports to ensure all of your objectives are being met. After delivery or every month, depending on your contract, we carry out a full clinical and management audit, overseen by our clinical leads, and everyone in your department is kept fully informed.



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