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Rapid Covid-19 Testing for 18 Week Support Staff is here!

In light of the recent pandemic updates, we wanted to assure you of 18 Week Support’s robust approach of working safely to reduce the waiting list backlog in your hospitals regardless of the changing environment.

We can promise you, as part of our safe insourcing service provision, that:

    1. Our environments and the activity delivered within it is safe and does not increase the risk of the pandemic to patients and staff. We have an insourcing services risk assessment that we update with our Clinical Leadership each month ensuring that our insourcing services are safely delivered in the changing environment. Every eventuality of delivering insourcing activity at your Trust in a Covid environment has been risk assessed with mitigations in place for every situation pre, during and post service delivery. We will work with you individually to ensure pathways are safe, this includes consulting on new ways of working to ensure that insourcing activity can continue ie utilising designated space for elective work that does not disrupt main hospital activity.
    2. All our staff entering your hospitals are Covid free. We are testing every staff member (clinical and non clinical) who work for us in your premises prior to their shift starting. This provides us with the assurance of a Covid safe environment for your patients and staff whilst we deliver care and treatment. Any staff who are testing positive will be replaced with staff who are Covid free. We have a large pool of staff in all specialties to ensure that we can continue to provide staff.
  1. We will not add any additional strain to your staff and management whilst reducing wait lists. We provide a complete managed service where staff, processes and support can be provided by 18 Week Support. We can deliver services parallel to the main hospital activity, as a separate provision, that reduces the negative impact to Trust resources.
  2. We will offer support to reduce the increasing workload you are currently facing. We are offering all Trusts additional support to help them with the growing strain of the pandemic including offering off site and on site patient booking staff and by providing additional clinical staff to support across the hospital for an array of activities including swabbing and pre assessment. We have been supporting Trusts with bespoke requests over the Christmas period and aim to support you with any requests you have in the New Year.

If you would like to discuss insourcing activity further with us or would like us to share with you our insourcing risk assessment please do let us know. I look forward to discussing with you, alongside our Service Delivery Managers, how we can support you with any queries you may have at this time.

Kind regards,
Head of Operations

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