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Clinical Support Services

At 18 Week Support, we understand that increasing clinical capacity requires extra resources in support services and planning. To enable trusts to optimise insourcing capacity, we provide additional clinical support services, both to on-site and virtually.

There are many benefits to using our support services to aid in reducing waiting lists.

  • Our services can be tailored to your Trust requirements.
  • We can provide additional staff to increase capacity to 7 days per week.
  • Our processes are very efficient; we see more patients per day than standard NHS lists.
  • We can work with all patient information systems, so the patient’s medical record stays in the Trust system at all times.

Pre-Operative Assessment and Covid-19 Swabbing Capacity

Our experienced nursing team will work with your existing pathways to provide the increase in capacity required and create a pool of fit and ready patients. We will assess and prepare the patient for surgery and ensure they have all the information they need for before and after their procedure.

We also offer virtual pre-operative assessments, which are highly recommended with the current restraints of Covid-19. Our experienced nursing team can also support your Trust in providing Covid-19 swabbing for your patients prior to their surgery.

Booking models

Many Trusts struggle to optimise additional clinical capacity due to under scheduled lists and gaps within booking teams. We can offer 2 booking models to flex around your Trust’s requirements, On-site or Remote.


  • Booking for Endoscopy, Outpatients, Pre-operative Assessment or Surgery.
  • Our teams are based on-site and will be fully integrated within your team, but they will also have a daily progress call with 18 Week Support to ensure lists are well utilised.
  • No additional local admin support is required as all bookings are completed by us within the local Patient Administration System.


  • Booking for Endoscopy, Outpatients, Pre-operative or Surgery.
  • Bookings are completed remotely by a central team, including phoning patients, posting letters and sending text reminders.
  • A list of booked patients will be sent to the Trust daily, so local Patient Administration Systems can be updated.
  • No need to provide on-site desk space.

Demand and Capacity Modelling

From a rapid capacity gap assessment to full demand and capacity modelling, our team can provide you with the analysis required to make forecasting decisions on your behalf.

Our teams will conduct one-to-one reviews with your operational leaders to define capacity requirements and support you to deliver effective recovery plans.

Productivity Dashboards

We pride ourselves on delivering a productive service and our interactive dashboards enable teams to review performance and compare insourcing lists to weekday core lists.

Ensuring lists are productive is extremely important and our teams use our dashboards on a weekly basis to review performance and actively make adjustments to increase utilisation of all of our sessions.

Clinical Support

We have worked with over 100 NHS sites and our teams have the clinical and operational experience to support Trusts with capacity planning. If there is anything you think we might be able to support your Trust with, please don’t hesitate to ask.