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The investigation and management of women with gynaecological problems represents a vital component of modern healthcare. A wide variety of conditions which can have considerable implications on women’s health and wellbeing are considered and treated. Our Gynaecology insourcing services can help support your team and reduce wait times for patients.

Many of these conditions may be life threatening, such as the gynaecological malignancies, whereas others, including endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain and genital prolapse, will have significant effects on life quality. Sub fertility investigation and treatment is appropriate for many couples.

How insourcing gynaecology services from 18 Week Support can help your team

The impact of abnormal uterine bleeding on a woman’s wellbeing can be pronounced. Modern management has evolved considerably but expert clinical delivery is required.

Population screening to reduce the incident of cervical cancer has been successful using cervical smears and HPV testing. These women need further investigation in increasing numbers using colposcopic investigation and treatment.

Urinary incontinence is a common distressing symptom requiring careful investigation and appropriate medical or surgical management.

Endoscopy of the uterus and the pelvis has allowed many conditions to be managed either on a day case or 23 hour basis.

Gynaecology Team

Mr Peter Mason

Clinical Lead for Gynaecology