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Radiology forms a critical part of the investigation and treatment of vast numbers of patients, with over 100,000 radiology examinations carried out across the UK each day.While the demand for Radiology services increase year on year, the latest RCR workforce census data reporting a current shortfall of 1,876 radiologists (33%) which is projected to rise to 3,331(43%) by 2024.

Seven out of ten clinical directors of UK radiology departments feel there are insufficient clinical radiologists to deliver a safe and effective level of patient care.Many departments face significant backlogs of patients awaiting diagnostic examinations and therapeutic procedures.

How insourcing radiology services from 18 Week Support can help your team

Working alongside your local clinicians, our team of expert Radiologists can help departments expand their capacity by providing additional weekend general outpatient radiology services. 18 Week Support currently specialise in providing additional diagnostic ultrasound or lists of image-guided day case interventional procedures. Additionally, our team are able to provide symptomatic breast clinics and are able to provide a one stop model subject to Trust requirements .

We also have a key focus and will work with other related specialities (such as Trauma & Orthopaedics) to provide image-guided procedures in a Radiology setting that might otherwise be performed in Theatre.

Our radiology service is led by Dr David McKean who will work with the local clinicians to agree the clinical aspects of the service specifications such as inclusion criteria, referral pathways and local management plans. As a national provider, we can bring together expertise across a range of radiology subspecialties.

By contracting 18 Week Support to work within your NHS Trust, we can help you meet the rising demand for Radiology services, ensure your waiting list backlog is cleared and help treat patients in a timely fashion who are often suffering with significant pain and disability.

Radiology Team

Dr David McKean

Clinical Lead for Radiology