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Staff Newsletter 12 June 2020

Dear Colleague

We continue to be very grateful for all your hard work in healthcare and your loyalty to us at 18 Week Support.  

This is our tenth weekly newsletter to inform you of our activity providing clinical support to the NHS in these difficult times, and to offer support to you.     


We are becoming increasingly busy with new sites coming on board and discussions with many NHS Trusts about other forthcoming contracts. We are launching another two endoscopy sites in East Kent, one endoscopy site in the West Midlands, one endoscopy site just outside of London, and two endoscopy sites in the South West. 

Three of the above are seven days a week contracts. We urgently need endoscopy availability for weekdays and if you can be available – perhaps by booking annual leave? . Please contact Niara as soon as possible at nblommestein@18weeksupport.com 

Headquarter Staff  

Our HQ staff continue to work with us, but with reduced working hours: 

9 a.m. to 3: 30 p.m. Monday to Friday 

New Nurse in Charge Report 

The new Nurse in Charge report will be launched the weekend of the 13th and 14th June 2020. This will be accompanied by new guidance on running a site team huddle, and basic checklists for clinical areas such as theatres, wards, and endoscopy procedure rooms.   

Furlough payment due 15th June  

We hope to receive the claim from HMRC in time to make your furlough payment on Monday 15th June. If, and only if, there is a delay to the payment date, then we will inform those affected by email on Friday.  

COVID 19 Clinical Staffing Guidance   

We sent out guidance last week regarding clinical staff working in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic. It is extremely important you familiarise yourself with this. Please find a link to our guidance HERE 

The government have since issued new guidance for England which comes into force on June 15th 2020In essence this means you must wear a mask on public transport (buses, underground tubes, and trains) and at all times when inside a hospital as a visitor or staff member.

Staying in Touch

We love our 18WS family and we want to stay in touch with you and get your news and feedback on how you are and what more we can do to support. Please send any comments or suggestions about this newsletter to Niara at nblommestein@18weeksupport.com.  

With our very best wishes 

Jane Naish
Director of Nursing 

Niara Blommestein
Service Operations Manager 


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