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Mr Alexander Chilvers

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alexander oversees all aspects of the business with a focus on operations, business development and strategy.

He has a broad range of industry experience, working for both the NHS and the private sector, and has worked within Healthcare since 2008, with extensive experience at Board Level. Alexander has held posts at the Department of Health, NHS Foundation Trusts, and start-up healthcare providers, meaning he has a 360-degree knowledge of the industry and understands the challenges facing NHS Trusts. In 2014 Alexander founded 18 Week Support in order to partner with the NHS, and is passionate about working to address their needs and manage their demand and capacity.


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"At clinics, patients were seen by a consultant, and then listed for a procedure if appropriate, scanned by a sonographer, and had their pre-assessment carried out by a specialist nurse, all on the same day. This meant that these patients would not have to return for any further appointments until the time of their treatment."